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Our philosophy is to welcome emotional vulnerability. A woman’s strength should not be measured by how much physical, mental and emotional pain she can endure. The whole notion of “never let them see you sweat” teaches us to go through everything with a smile which is unrealistic. When we hide or hold on to how we feel, the more intense our emotions become and will end up controlling us.  The goal is to embrace all our emotions in order to better understand them and in retrospect understand ourselves. All emotions serve a purpose, and it isn’t for them to be suppressed. I want women to understand the strength and power in vulnerability.  It’s ok to wear your feelings on your sleeve, or your legs.


To live an active lifestyle involves engaging your mind and body on a regular basis, which is why I wanted to have an integrative & holistic practice.


 I’m interested in women’s health because I am a woman, and I’d be a darn fool not to be on my own side. - Maya Angelou 

My name is Naseemah Palmer and as far back as I can remember I’ve always been an advocate for those in the most vulnerable circumstances.  I was a shy child early on, I spent a lot of time with myself. I believe this allowed my creativity to become never ending.  Being active has always been a huge part of my upbringing which inspired me to incorporate physical fitness in everything that I do. 

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