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"My Therapist Said"

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

If you were looking for a few ways to benefit from therapy check out these quick perks .

1. Stop ducking everyone’s calls

Sure blocking and ignoring calls could be a huge part of your self- care routine if the person on the other end is toxic and does not mean well. However when you find yourself avoiding everyone’s calls all the time, it could be a sign of destructive coping skill that you’ve developed to avoid your problems. Avoidance only increases anxiety. The more effort you put into avoiding interaction and engaging with people, the more your life is consumed with finding new ways stay isolated. Therapy can help you learn to tolerate uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that eliminate avoidant behavior. You can work together on creating a plan and new coping strategies that includes, seeking support, problem-solving, relaxation, physical recreation & adjusting expectations.

2. Don’t snap on the wrong people

When we don’t feel safe to express our feelings and emotions, we tend to bottle them up and shove them somewhere deep in our minds, until someone does not put the cap on the toothpaste and all hell breaks loose. Constantly holding back how we feel is emotional pressure, this creates chronic stress levels that our bodies are not equipped for. The result of this practice often results in not only mental illness but physical illnesses as well. When we lack of emotional management, we put ourselves in a position to be overwhelmed by stress, allowing it to control the way we act and treat others. In therapy, you learn how to manage your emotions which allows one to be true to them. Tuning into our emotions can’t help but make you feel better about yourself, because then you’re able to be authentic.

3. Get to know who TF you are on a deeper level

The first step in creating the life you want is developing a keen sense of self awareness. The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting to sh** life throws at you. When we have a better understanding of ourselves, we are able to appreciate the strength and weaknesses of our own character. This creates a solid sense of self worth. Therapists really love to empower you, guiding you to become more self -reflective to make changes in areas you want to improve or build on. When you’re in touch with self, you’re able to see where your emotions and thoughts are guiding you.

4. Understand why you keep doing the same sh**

Habits become hard to break to because they are entrenched in our brains due to repeated behavior. Often the pattern begins because we’re triggered by something; it could be emotional or situational. Without understanding of our old patterns of how we think & what we do, we are in danger of standing in our won way greatness for our future selves. To heal the mind, we need to experience the emotions that go with our stories on what made us who we are and why we do what we do. Therapist can help you get to the root of where it all begins and help it end.

5. So you don’t have to keep cutting people off every New Year

Fresh Starts are great motivators to plan to achieve new goals and eliminate toxicity, however having to announce that you won’t be surrounding yourself around the same people year after year could speak to bigger issue. Some of us will rather eliminate others out of our lives abruptly rather than discuss our issues and disagreements. One could benefit from therapy by learning how to communicate and interact with individuals in our lives, and generally improve the quality of our relationships.

6. Stop writing essays on all your social media post

Try journaling instead, we talked about the dangers of holding back above, however over sharing could also be a barrier to overall wellness. Although we use our face book posts as outlets and freedom of expression, there will always be a risk of consequence of. Therapists are bound by the laws of confidentiality to protect anything discussed in sessions, as long as you do not present a danger to anyone including yourself.

7. Become emotionally fit

Therapy is about growth and creating opportunities for positive change and being in touch with your emotions can lead you to becoming a better person. Sometimes by looking at things we need rather than what we could benefit from, can change are perspective on trying it. I don’t need to become a vegetarian to be considered healthy, but can I benefit from a plant based lifestyle sure. Bottom line, just because you don’t need something doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from it and there are plenty of fruitful benefits of having a therapist.

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