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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Vaginal Steaming, also known as Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice for female wellness using the warmth of herbal infused steam to spread through the outside of the vagina to tone and relax the pelvic muscles and organs. The practice enhances self-love by bringing a reconnection to the female body, as well as emphasizing the wisdom of plant medicine to heal our bodies. Vaginal steaming is a more than a beauty treatment, although it feels absolutely amazing to our insides, this practice is holistic alternative to healing painful menses, post-partum symptoms, cramping, bloating, infections, fertility, heightens our sexual drive and vitality, as well as healing emotional. Increasing our awareness in uterine health is not only an opportunity to learn about general pelvic well-being, but an opportunity to celebrate and honor the most sacred part of our bodies in which humanity is born.

Steam my WHAT!?!

Vaginal Steaming maybe something that is trending now but its not a new concept. Steaming is an ancient practice and many women have used this as the first method of healing before the emergence of antibiotics and other prescribed medication. I personally looked into it after being diagnosed with a shit load of uterine health disorders like endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) all which causes you to feel like crap, bloat like crap, feel like crap, and eat like crap. All while not being able to explain your pain to someone besides the ol “my stomach hurt” complaint.

I ordered herbs and began my steam journey, once a week for about 4-5 months after being misdiagnosed and over prescribed things that were no help. What I noticed immediately was how much lighter I felt. It felt more like an elated feeling out of no where. Later I realized I was not taking as much pain medication as usual, then noticed for one or two weeks I was not taking any medication at all. I was trying to figure our what I was doing different and the one thing that was consistent was the steaming.

As women, we store so much in our wombs from babies to sexual & emotional trauma caused from unhealthy relationships or unwanted sexual partners. Our womb holds the imprint to many of our life experiences and we often don’t think about or devote enough time to process our emotions. This congestion of emotions can manifest into negative energies which becomes stagnant in one place with no windows or doors. Our lack of time, education, or resources results in a huge disconnect with our uterus and healing power of a uterine cleanse. Our “Woman’s Intuition” radiates directly from our uterus so being connected to our female organs is of the upmost importance, stop me now if you disagree.

This practice of vaginal steaming reconnects us to our feminine energy and womanhood that can get lost in some of the roles women have to play in society. Vaginal steaming also known as yoni steaming is a plant based healing modality that is specifically dedicated to our female organs that we don’t pay much attention to until its time to have a baby or for our monthly cleanse. We love to talk boldly about our vaginas, its differences, uniqueness in comparison to other women in music, poetry, in our gatherings and how we use it in action. We are not in denial of its true power, yet we fail to acknowledge that within ourselves, neglecting this delicate flower to engage in other self-care activities.

I encourage you to try steaming with a certified facilitator, so you too can experience a new level of self-awareness by honoring the most sacred, delicate, yet powerful organ in your female body.

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