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Who are you & What is an "Activewearologist"?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019


The “tell me about yourself” question:

My name is Naseemah Palmer and as far back as I can remember I’ve always been an advocate for those in the most vulnerable circumstances. I was a shy child early on, I spent a lot of time with myself. I believe this allowed my creativity to become never ending. Being active has always been a huge part of my upbringing which inspired me to incorporate physical fitness in everything that I do.


Formal Education: Cheyney University BA, Saint Jospeh’s University MA, Widener University MSW, LCSW

Street Education: South Philadelphia where everyone is some- how related

Certificates: Trauma, CBT, Mindfulness Meditation, Power Pilates, USATF Level I Run Coach, Vaginal Steam facilitator

Approach: Challenging your messed up thoughts which will allow you to change your behavior (CBT, Mindfulness based CBT,). I know its life and in life s*** happens, my goal is to help you find healthy ways to deal with that s*** realistically and effectively (Humanistic, Holistic, Solution Focused).

Bottom Line: Numerous research studies prove that movement improves your physical and mental health and the key to achieving optimal overall health, is to living actively. To live an active lifestyle involves engaging your mind and body on a regular basis, which is why I wanted to have an integrative & holistic practice.


Specialties: Working with women who are in or have escaped abusive relationships. Many individuals I treat suffer from addiction, anxiety, and self esteem & body image issues.

Credibility: My treatment style has been crafted based on multiple factors including my down to earth personality, over 12 years of professional and educational training, my personal mental health experiences, family history of addiction, & domestic violence, in other words I GET IT

Bottom Line: All of these gifts have provided me with me a combination of unique skills that leads to transformational change within my clients.

My philosophy: To welcome emotional vulnerability. A woman’s strength should not be measured by how much physical, mental and emotional pain she can endure. The whole notion of “never let them see you sweat” teaches us to go through everything with a smile which is unrealistic. When we hide or hold on to how we feel, the more intense our emotions become and will end up controlling us. The goal is to embrace all our emotions in order to better understand them and in retrospect understand ourselves. All emotions serve a purpose, and it isn’t for them to be suppressed. I want women to understand the strength and power in vulnerability. It’s ok to wear your feelings on your sleeve, or your legs.


For Fun: I enjoy planning small events from fundraisers for my local faith community or lavish girls night in parties for my sister tribe.

Light bulb Moment: During these events I realized how sacred safe spaces are for black women, Muslim women, moms with multiple children

Credibility: I pride myself on creating experiences that not only promotes healing, but those that demonstrates a celebration of womanhood, femininity, and safety to just authentically & unapologetically be. Each class, workshop, or session is carefully curated with love and lots of details that generates appreciation.

Bottomline: Whether you are engaged in talk therapy, stretching in Pilates or building up a sweat while running, every interaction will leave you with a boost of self esteem and enlightened awareness about yourself physically & mentally.

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