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Hey Sis, welcome to your one shop stop to wellness. No, therapy is not a dirty word and may not be what you think. One hour a week to focus on you does not sound like something you should be condemned for. There are no limits on what we can do to better our quality of life and sometimes its deeper then spas and hair salon visits. Learning how to love and accept yourself, understand your life’s purpose, or how to express emotion are all





Maybe there are some mental road blocks that’s preventing you from reaching your fitness goal, maybe learning how to view things from a different perspective in order to forgive let some ish go is your priority. Therapy is collaboration between you and I, a new relationship established to find solutions to problems or to improve the good things and make them great.  If any of this resonates with you and it’s something you want to work together on, schedule your free 15 min consultation & let’s set something up. 


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