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Nylon long sleeve bodycon dress. Where it as a dress or as a shirt as you hit the gym or the pavement for some miles or kick-ass strength training




Aligned in Aqua

  • Vivid Belle is an active wear brand founded on improving the emotional health of women. Our mission is to encourage all women to begin or maintain an active lifestyle, to reap not only the physical benefits, but the mental & emotional ones too. When selecting prints, we envisioned what our emotions would look like if we could physically see them.Some bright & bold, others are intricate detailed, and as always your standard black for every occasion. Our apparel is to compliment the authentic and unapologetic versions of yourselves when you show up to the gym, the pavement, the starting line, or the studio. VB hopes to motivate women to physically move through the universe with purpose, to be visible, embracing all of you are and wearing how you feel on your sleeve or your legs BOLD AF!

    What makes the world beautiful is when individuals can truly be themselves in it; at that moment we realize we are all differently the same. Vivid Belle is more than just an active wear clothing line. VB contributes a percentage of sales to support free fitness c